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  The board members are excited about this upcoming swim season. We, as board members, take pride in our pool and are proud to live in such a great community! We look forward to your ideas and any valuable comments from our pass holders. Please send us an email with any suggestions or questions you may have for anyone on the board. We hope that this year is a fun and enjoyable summer for all who come to our wonderful pool.

2022 Board Members

President                       Claudine Unger                     925-895-7497

Vice President              Stephanie Laston                     925-895-2853

Secretary                       Cindy Taylor-Brandt        925-216-8541

Treasurer                       Amelia Bernal.                

Season Pass Sales       Ryan Kapur                            408-839-1859

Membership/Sales     Open (Contact us) 

Our mailing address:       7084 Hansen Dr. Dublin, CA 94568