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Pool Rules

The Briarhill Cabana Club (BHCC) rules and regulations are set up to provide for  greatest operation, maintenance, and enjoyment of this facility. Pass holders have  the responsibility for using good judgment and adherence to these rules at all  times by both their families and their guests. Violations of these rules may result  in either temporary or permanent forfeiture of BHCC Season Pass.  


1. Prohibited Items  

a. No bottles, glasses, or glass containers are allowed in the pool area at  any time.  

b. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on Cabana Club property.

c. Pets  

d. Weapons of any sort  

e. Over-sized water toys/gear


2. Pool  

a. Subject to limitations below, the facility is available to season pass  holders over 17 years of age and younger pass holders accompanied by  adults without restriction from sunrise to 10PM in season.  

b. Weekdays: During the Briarhill Swim Team (BHST) swim season, the main pool is available until 4pm during DUSD School year and after 1 pm once DUSD School year ends. There are a 1 or 2 BHST events at the pool where pool access for pass holders will be limited. Please see Calendar link above for more information.

c. Weekends: The pool is closed to general swimming for a few BHST  meets and events. The pool will be open to season pass holders during  some of these BHST events. Please see Calendar link above for more  information.  

d. Guests: BHCC season pass holders have the privilege of admitting guests  under these conditions. 

e. Between 10PM and sunrise, season pass holders may use the pool with  these restrictions:  

- Pass holder must notify a BHCC board member at least 8 hours  in advance if he wishes to take advantage of these extended  


- No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the pool facility  

- Use of the facility is for in-pool exercise and lap swimming only  - No activities outside of the pool allowed (no socializing, no  loitering on the pool deck or lawn areas, food and drinks are  


- Pass holders must not be heard by any of our neighbors during  these quiet hours - if you need to have a conversation, do it in  your car or on the sidewalk  

- Any pass holder found to be in violation of the above rules will  have their quiet hours privileges removed or their season pass  revoked  


3. Security and Safety  

a. BHCC season pass holders must not loan pool keys to others. 

b. The last BHCC Board Member to leave the facility for the evening handles closing and locking bathroom doors.

c. The BHCC Board is responsibility for ensuring the safety of pool users.  The BHCC Board oversees the pool area and has the authority to expel  anyone from the premises for disorderly conduct, disregard of pool rules  or for the sake of safety.  

d. The Pool gates must remain locked at all times. This rule applies during  any season pass holder parties hosted at the pool  

e. BHCC members must not admit non-pass holders other than their own  paid guests into the pool area  

f. Failure to abide by rules 3.b. or 3.c. will result in forfeiture of violator’s  season pass for the balance of the season.  

g. Each BHCC season pass ownership entitles the individual or family to one  gate key. A replacement key may be issued for $5. Please contact BHCC  Membership for this purpose. 

h. Any pool toys or equipment considered by the BHCC Board to be either  unsafe or a nuisance to others may be banned at any time.

i. The Alameda County Health Department requires that all persons must  shower before entering the pool. BHCC showers are to be used for this  purpose only. They are not for bathing. Season pass holders must limit  their time in the showers. This will ensure there is hot water for other  

season pass holders and will help to keep our fees as low as possible.  i. No persons with a communicable disease or any open sore will be  allowed in the pool.  

j. All bicycles must be parked in the bike rack near the wading pool. Using  a bicycle, skateboard, roller blades, or other wheeled toy anywhere within  the pool area is forbidden.  

k. Any child not fully potty trained must wear waterproof swimming diapers  while in the water.  

4. Wading Pool  

a. The wading pool is for the exclusive use of non-swimmers 6 years and  under.  

b. Parents have responsibility for their own child’s safety and behavior in  the wading pool.  

c. Parents must supervise their children in the wading pool and remain in  the immediate area.  

5. Pool Area Maintenance and Cleanliness  

a. Season pass holders must fully close any deck umbrella after vacating a  deck table.  

b. Season pass holders have responsibility for policing any areas of the pool  they have used. Trash must be placed in proper containers. Recyclables  must be placed in proper recycling containers.  

c. Season pass holders using the barbecue area must clean that area after  use. Please do not dump ashes from the barbecue on the ground. 

d. Season pass holder with trash or recycling that will occupy more than a  third of any single receptacle, must remove that trash from the facility on  their own.  

e. Season pass holders have responsibility for replacing deck furniture onto  the pool deck after use.  

f. Pool furniture is to be used only for its intended purpose. Stacking of  furniture or making structures of same, climbing on same or putting  furniture in the pool are examples of unintended purposes.  

g. Season pass holders should notify BHCC staff if they notice anything on  BHCC property that requires maintenance.  


6. Guests  

a. BHCC season pass holders have the privilege of admitting guests under  these conditions:  

b. All guests must deliver a signed BHCC guest waiver to BHCC Membership  prior to or upon entering the facility. Parents/guardians of any minor  guests must complete this form for their children.  

- Waiver form can be found  


c. Completed form must be signed, scanned, and emailed to BHCC  membership by the pass holder. Waiver is not valid until pass holder  receives acknowledgement from BHCC Membership that is has been  received.  

d. There is a guest fee of $7 per day for each guest. Any guest may not  enter BHCC more than once a week. Season pass holders will contact the  BHCC Board about extenuating circumstances (i.e., entertaining out of  town house guests) prior to any extended use of the pool by guests.  

e. Guest fees must be paid before (PayPal) or immediately upon entry.  Guest fee must be placed into a guest fee envelope on the office door,  envelope must be completed and then deposited in the guest fee box on  the office door.  

f. All guests must be accompanied by a pool season pass holder.  g. These rules apply to any season pass holder bringing day care children  into BHCC. 

7. Season Pass Fees  

a. All season pass fees are non-refundable.  

b. Season pass holders may transfer their pool season pass to another  person or family (as per type of season pass bought). The assigning  season pass holder must notify BHCC in writing of this change and will  relinquish their BHCC key to BHCC Membership Chair at time of transfer.  The assuming season pass holder must register with the BHCC in order  for BHCC to honor the transfer.  


8. Pass Holder Hosted Events at BHCC  

a. Season pass holders must contact BHCC Membership for approval prior  scheduling any “group events” at BHCC. Events are scheduled on “as  available” basis. 

b. An event fee of $100 must be paid in advance for an event that will  include 10 or more attendees. Largest event size is 30 attendees. This  number includes both BHCC season pass holder and non-season pass  holder guests.  

c. No more than 20 non-season pass holder guests are allowed without  BHCC Board approval  

d. For events under 10 total attendees, normal guest fees will apply.  e. No private parties (those that occupy BHCC on an exclusive basis) are  allowed during the BHCC season.  

Event request form


9. Use of BHCC for Purposes Other Than Recreation by season pass holders

 a. BHCC season passes are intended solely for the enjoyment of its season pass holders and their paid guests. Any use of BHCC for monetary gain by season pass holders is prohibited. Violators may be subject to  temporary or permanent revocation of season pass.  

b. BHCC may contract with swim instructors to give lessons at BHCC on a limited basis. Only authorized swim instructors as instructed by a BHCC board member are allowed at this time. It is intended that any use of the pool by authorized swim instructors shall have no impact on BHCC season pass holders use of the  facilities. No other use of the pool for this purpose is allowed.   

10. Complimentary Wi-Fi Access  

a. The BHCC wireless network is for our pass holders and guests only.  Please do not share the password with anyone.  

- SSID: Briarhill Members Password: swimming 

b. BHCC’s wireless network is essentially open and unsecured. Pass holders  and their guests use the network at their own risk. By using the network,  BHCC pass holders and their understand that BHCC is not responsible for  the security of any information sent on the network or for the integrity of  devices on the network.


11. Lost and Found  

a. BHCC is not responsible for any property brought to the pool.  b. Left items found by BHCC staff at the end of each day will be placed in  the Lost and Found Box.  

c. The Lost and Found Box will be emptied on the last day of each month  during the season. At that time, any items from the box will be disposed. 

d. Season pass holders are encouraged to help keep our pool area neat by  moving obviously left items to the Lost and Found. However, please do  not place anything damp in the box. Rather, place it where it can dry and  BHCC staff will place it in the box later. 



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